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Our Principal Audiologist, Brooke Milne, has over 15 years experience in the Audiology industry and is an Accredited Audiologist with Audiology Australia.

Throughout university, Brooke received 2 prestigious awards. The 'People First Scholarship Prize' for the highest academic marks in her year and the 'Master of Clinical Audiology Student Prize' for Excellence in Rehabilitative Audiology. She graduated from Macquarie University (NSW) with a Masters of Audiology in 2007.

Following graduation, Brooke began her career with the largest national hearing care provider. She provided services to adults, paediatrics, complex adults and was also involved in outreach trips to the Northern Territory to support remote indigenous communities. 

Brooke then worked with a number of large private chains and smaller boutique clinics where she continued to provide ethical, client driven care. She also spent some time providing locum services around the country in WA, NSW, QLD and ACT. 

After many years of clinical audiology, Brooke used her experience and expertise to support other clinicians by accepting a training and support role with a large hearing aid manufacturer. In this role she provided training to new and experienced clinicians on hearing aid technology and how to best support patients when programming devices. Brooke was well respected and regularly called on to assist in appointments with complex patients to ensure they received the best hearing outcome. 

After 3 years, Brooke was promoted to a management role within the company. She supported the in-field team to ensure the best training and service was provided to audiology clinicians. 

With 15 years of experience and a passion for clinical audiology, Brooke opened Ear Clinic Victoria to fill an important local need. Brooke strongly believes that independent audiologists provide excellent, ethical and unbiased advice where patients needs are put first. Always. 

Brooke's experience, passion and community spirit ensures that her patients experience a hearing journey that is ethically driven, empathetic and compassionate.

Brooke looks forward to helping you at Ear Clinic Victoria. 


Our Senior Audiologist, Zoe Read, is an accredited audiologist with Audiology Australia. 

Zoe Read is a highly skilled and passionate healthcare professional who has dedicated her career to helping others. Since completing her Masters in Clinical Audiology at the University of Melbourne in 2019, she has been working in an independent, regional clinic, where she was able to develop strong skills in paediatric and adult diagnostics, adult rehabilitation, and wax management. Zoe recently returned to Melbourne to be closer to her family, and was excited to find a position at Ear Clinic Victoria which resonated with her own values in hearing healthcare.


Zoe's previous experience as a physiotherapist in a busy Melbourne hospital has provided her with valuable insights and skills that she applies in her current role as an audiologist. Her holistic approach to patient care allows her to take a wider view when assessing each patient's ear health and hearing needs, ensuring that they receive the most effective and personalised treatment.


Outside the clinic, Zoe enjoys spending time with her partner and their two cats, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring the great outdoors, and learning to solve cryptic crosswords. 

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