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Many people experience blocked ears due to ear wax. This will cause sounds to be muffled as though you are listening under water. Clearing the ears is simple using manual wax removal techniques. Microsuction is our method of choice, the safest and most advanced method of ear wax removal. View your ears through our video otoscope to see your ears before and after the procedure.

What is microsuction?

Microsuction is a safe and effective wax removal method that is quickly becoming the gold standard in wax removal. Unlike ear irrigation (syringing), the ear is kept dry throughout the procedure making it easy to perform with minimal risk. Microsuction is essentially a mini vacuum cleaner for your ears. Our audiologist will place a small microsuction tip into the ear to suction out any wax or debris. You will hear a slight whooshing sound throughout the procedure as your ears are cleared.  In some instances an alternate method of wax removal may be chosen depending on your unique circumstances however they will always be a dry, manual technique (i.e. no ear irrigation will be performed). 

How much does microsuction cost?

Pricing for microsuction is outcome based meaning you only pay the below fee once to get the desired result. In some cases you may be required to place drops in your ear to soften wax and return for a follow up appointment. In this scenario you will pay the microsuction fee at your initial appointment but will not be charged for the follow up appointment. 

Adults: $120

Pensioners: $100

Children (5-16): $110 

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