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Does your partner snore? Is your motorbike too loud? Does your child need swim plugs? Are you a musician wanting to protect your hearing? Whatever your earplug needs we can assist with both custom moulded and 'off the shelf' products. 

How are custom earplugs made?

Firstly, our audiologist will take an impression of your ears. A small piece of foam/cotton will be placed in your ear to protect your eardrum. A silicone 'putty' is then squeezed into your ear canal to set. Once set it is removed and sent to our Australian based wholesaler to produce your unique earplugs. 

How much do earplugs cost?

"Off the shelf" earplugs start from $45.00 for a pair.


Custom earplugs are made especially for your ear and range from $200-$400 depending on the type of earplug you require. We recommend custom products if they are going to be used regularly. 

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