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Child hearing test

Many children require a hearing test at different stages of their development. Perhaps your child has started to talk loudly or is no longer following instructions. Perhaps they constantly complain of sore ears or have a history of ear infections. All of these behaviours and symptoms can be seen in children with hearing loss. In many cases the hearing loss will be temporary and can be medically managed. A thorough assessment can provide you (and your doctor) with the information to move forward. This will ensure the right plan for your child and will reduce the likelihood of speech and language delays which can occur with untreated hearing loss.

What is involved in a child hearing test?

Every child is unique and we will take the time to understand your child with an easy, informal discussion about your concerns. We will then look in your child's ears with an otoscope (ear light) and conduct a simple pressure test called Tympanometry. This will help us to understand the health of your child's middle ear.  Tympanometry involves a small tip being placed in their ear canal and a small puff of air being administered. We will then test their hearing by placing headphones on the child and presenting various sounds. The child will respond by using a button or (for younger children) playing a game! Finally, we will conduct a simple speech test where we ask them to point to various pictures without any lipreading cues. If you would like any further information feel free to contact us using the form below.

How much is a child hearing test?

A child hearing test is $125 for an initial assessment. We test children with a developmental age of 3 or over. Essentially, if your child can follow basic instructions they can complete a test with us. 

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