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ADULT hearing test

One in six Australians have some form of hearing loss which if left untreated can affect connection, relationships and well-being. The first signs of hearing loss are often detected by family or friends. Perhaps you are struggling to hear them in background noise or at the family dinner table. Perhaps you are turning the television up too loud for others. If this is you, a thorough audiological examination will provide you with the information you need. We will work with you to understand your needs and together determine the best way forward. 

What is involved in an adult hearing test?

A hearing test involves a number of different aspects which work together to provide a comprehensive picture of your ear and hearing health. This will involve a thorough discussion of your concerns followed by a visual inspection of the ear with an otoscope (earlight). We will then test your hearing under headphones to understand the softest sound you can hear across a number of different frequencies.  Speech testing will then be completed under headphones, you will simply need to repeat a number of words at various levels. We will also conduct a pressure test (tympanometry) and acoustic reflexes if required. For these tests you simply sit still while a small probe is gently placed in your ear canal canal to take measurements. 

What happens if I have a hearing loss?

If you have a hearing loss, our audiologist will guide you on the best way to manage your hearing loss. This may involve a discussion on hearing aids or assistive listening devices. As we are an independent provider we will always provide unbiased advice across all manufacturers products to ensure we recommend the best solution for you. 

How much is an adult hearing test?

An adult hearing test is $125. This includes the test, advice and the option to test-drive a hearing device if required. 

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